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Welcome to the official Psychedelics Trip store (WorldWide)
Psychedelics Trip is a specialist in the production/distribution(WW) for all kind of psychedelics
We want to reduce harm, by only selling trusted/tested products.
Our focus is on our customers, we try to give the best after sale experience.
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===== WHAT IS LSD =====
LSD is a powerful psychedelic drug which can be the ultimate laugh-riot catalyst for a super fun time and/or a valuable healing medicine if used wisely. LSD is a classic psychedelic which many users feel acts as a psychological amplifier. Colors may be enhanced, patterns and other visual phenomena may be perceived, and the user may feel connected to others and to the universe at large.

If you are in a safe place with friends and comforting music or activity, your trip is incredibly likely to be a glowing, excellent experience!

===== DOSING =====
LSD is taken orally (by mouth). Common introspective and recreational dosage is in the 100 ug to 400 ug range. A common microdosing regimine is 10 ug to 30 ug / day for a series of days.

===== SAFETY =====
Thank god you cannot overdose and die from LSD. The only real physical danger comes from behavior which can be dangerous like driving or other activity which you should not do while under the influence of drugs. Pregnant women should NOT take LSD. People with a history of psychiatric problems should probably avoid LSD.

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