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We accept bitcoin payments on our platform. Note that in this business, the “risk goes with the money” hence NEVER think of Cash on Delivery as it will NEVER work out with us or with any other online drug website even on the dark net.

The “Risk goes with the money”

Payment methods we accept for purchases:

1. Bitcoins
You may choose between many exchanges and marketplaces to fund your Bitcoin address in your Wallet on this site depending on your location and available payment methods.

http://www.nanaimogold.com/ – Buy Bitcoins through: Liberty Reserve, Cash Deposit and Westernunion internationally
https://www.wm-center.com/ – Westernunion, Moneygram, Wire Transfer and many other payment options.
http://localbitcoins.com/ – Buy Bitcoins locally with cash – person to person – no banks involved.
https://bitcoinnordic.com/ – Buy Bitcoins using wire transfer and cash in mail.

https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Trading_bitcoins – Big list of many more Bitcoin exchanges.

Buying Bitcoin with Cash at ATM – coinatmradar.com

Buying Bitcoin in UK – www.coincorner.com

2. Monero

3. CashApp / Zelle

4. Bank Transfer ( Orders above $800)  Contact Us for more details