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For serious psychonauts who want to launch into hyperspace at light speed, nothing is more impressive than our 4mm crystal shards of pure n,n,dimethyltryptamine extracted from mimosa hostilis root bark and recrystallized for purity.

Our NN-DMT extracted from the inner root bark of the Mimosa Hostilis plant using the acid to base protocol (Root bark ethically sourced from Brazilian & Mexican growers). ur lab process is straight to base and this allows microscopic levels of plant material to remain in the crystals. You will notice this provides a more grounded and warm feeling to the transition to the spirit realm.

High Purity DMT N,N-Dimethyltryptamine CRYSTALS

HOW TO USE DMT Carts or Powder
Simply thread the cartridge onto a 510 thread – most common – battery and enjoy. Very Simple.

Crystal Powder
Measure out 100mg or .1g, my dose, -Dr. Strauss recommends 65mg or .65g- onto a pipe with a very little bit of smoking herds in the bottom of the pipe. Use a lighter and smoke it. 4x Very long breathes in and hold. Dab Nails, and all types of smoking works. Consult Erowid for more info.

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