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With the high purity of our ketamine it is our duty to provide a warning this is not your average Ketamine and should be treated as such.

Take small amount first time if you don’t want to enter the K-Hole and have no experience with Ketamine.


Ketamine is generally one of the safer drugs out there, as it does not present any respiratory depression even at the higher anaesthetic doses, is not found to be neurotoxic, and it is very hard to overdose on. Due to the way it acts in the brain it is also not associated with any comedowns and in some instances, it is even thought to reduce neurotoxicity induced by other substances, most popularly MDMA. By itself, the most well known risks are ataxia aka lack of orientation, slurred speech, etc. which in high enough doses can lead to leaving users unconscious. To minimise the risks of injuring yourself, we recommend that you start with low amounts and redose your way up if you are planning to venture into the infamous K-Hole.

If you are planning on staying up and about on this drug, doses of 40 to 80mg insufflated are generally considered best. If you’re looking to K Hole, you would be looking at about 3mg per kg of body weight. E.g. someone who weighs 70kg should dose around 200mg. Note that it is best to build your way up to this dose through 5 lines of 40mg each as that will ease you into the hole, rather than taking it all at once which can leave you disoriented. Here is the dosage chart according to TripSit

Light: 20 – 50mg
Common: 50 – 125mg
Strong: 125 – 175mg
Heavy: 175mg or more