0,1g LSD Crystal "Needlepoint "


0,1g LSD Crystal “Needlepoint “


Serious precautions must be taken when handling LSD crystal. We assume that if you order it, you really know what you are doing

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Buy Needlepoint LSD Crystal Online

The purity is the highest possible, there are no impurities and also all iso-LSD has been removed and converted to the active LSD! Buy Needlepoint LSD Crystal Online

We offer it in the following quantities:

0,1g -> 1000x trips a 100µg
0,2g ->2000x trips a 100µg
0,5g ->5000x trips a 100µg
1g ->10000x trips a 100µg

We only sell it in amounts of min. 0,1g. No exceptions!

To every customer who bought it we are supplying guides how to lay blotters and how to make drops, but only after the transaction, not before!
There have been too much time wasters in the past and we want to spend our energy and time only to serious customers.

We have added the nmr analysis as picture, so you can check that we don’t lie of the purity, it is fact and not just “dealer talk”, where everybody always has the best quality ;).

Optimal dosage for sensitive or inexperienced users is 100µg.
More experienced users or those who search a deeply psychedelic experience should try our 200µg or 300µg blotter / drops.
Always take care of proper set & setting, especially at higher dosages!


15 µg: Threshold dosage, first effects can be noticed.
25µg – 75 µg: Mild physical and mental effects.
75µg – 150 µg: Usual dose which is used on raves/party’s nowadays.
200µg – 300µg: Strong & colorful trip. The father of LSD, Albert Hofmann, has taken 250µg during his first lsd test of his own choice.
300µg – 500µg: Intense psychedelic experience, collective mind, very strong visuals, should be only taken by experienced users!
500µg – 1200µg: Extremely high dosage which is used in the psychedelic therapy.
1200µg+: Maximum effects that LSD can reach, increment of the dosage now only extends the trip duration!

Trip duration Total = 8 – 12 hours
Onset = 15 – 30 minutes
Come up = 45 – 90 minutes
Peak = 3 – 5 hours
Offset = 3 – 5 hours
After effects = 12 – 48 hours

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50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000


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