7Grams Rock Isomer S+ Ketamine 72-86%


7Grams Rock Isomer S+ Ketamine 72-86%


Recommended dose: 30-75 mg
K-Hole dosage: 100-250 mg
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Buy Rock Isomer S+ Ketamine Online

Buy Rock Isomer S+ Ketamine Online the strongest and highest quality Indian S-isomer Ketamine.

Your order will arrive in large white crystals lab tested at 99% purity. With this kind of purity it is our duty to provide a warning this is not your average Ketamine and should be treated as such.

Take small amount first time if you don’t want to enter the ”K-Hole” and have no experience with Ketamine.

Tips for use

If you are inexperienced, please be cautious with this powerful dissociative psychedelic, the experience is very unpredictable and it will be different every time the same user uses it. This is truly ego breaking, which can be both positive as negative!

Start with max 50 mg, and build it up if you don’t feel anything after 15/20 minutes.

Very happy to have added this to my shop, psychedelics are in my view the only substances that people can learn from. This can be very spiritual, most certainly if you thought about some inner questions or goals you want to achieve. This really opens doors to your soul and alot can be learned through these trips. Again, word to the wise, this is very potent and pure product, please use with caution and never alone!


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