When making an order, you agree to our Terms of Service.

We ask everyone to check our website before placing an order or sending a message. A lot of information can be found here.
We would also like to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that you agree to our Terms of Service when ordering. So please read it.

Customers that place negative feedback without contacting us first will be blacklisted immediately.

Our team has worked their asses off for over 3 years to keep the quality and service as high as possible. Public negative signals will cost us our good name. Unjustified negative attention will not be tolerated.

It is possible that a package one way or another fails to arrive. Our team will always reply to you within 24 hours and assist you in figuring out where the shipment went wrong and if necessary will find a fitting solution for the issue.

We are 100% behind our fair policy. We don’t need to selective scam to make money, so don’t make these false accusations. Don’t disgrace our name without first trying to find a solution with our support
The PsychedelicsTrip will always cooperate with the customer and is willing to come to a solution if the customer is reasonable. In addition, we expect the following from the customer:

– There is no negative feedback left
– Customer is aware of general terms and conditions
– Customer communicates respectfully

If the customer does not comply, we reserve the right to discontinue the search for a solution.

Our conditions:

– After a minimum of 14 days, you may be eligible for a reship. The counter starts when the average number of waiting days for the country has passed (see shipping section)
– Customers who have made 3 or less orders with us get the proposal: 50% discount for a 100% reship
– Customers who have placed three or more orders with us will receive a 50% reship
– If there is proof that an order has been intercepted the customer will receive a 100% reship
– A reship can only be used once
– A new address must be used for a reship
– If the address has not been delivered correctly, you are not entitled to a reship
– Wrongly formatted or incorrect addresses will not be reshipped and neither will dropships

-The customer is responsible for providing us with a correct address.If you made a mistake on your address and had it sent to P.O.BOX you instantly loose your reship.

Coupon offer terms
To show our appreciation, we came up with a way of reward our regular and loyal customers by doubling their orders.
Here’s how it works:

Add all 3 codes to the order and we will automatically double it!


You are eligible if you are a buyer and have 3 coupons.


1. Cannot be exchanged for other orders (No swapping products)

4. Coupons may only be redeemed once

5. Coupons redeem one product only (one product is doubled)

6. You get one coupon for combined orders