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Welcome to the home of all psychedelics. Where you can get Legal Psychedelics for sale like Mushrooms, LSD, DMT…. Place your order now and benefit from our discount prices and good customer service.

Shipping is effected safely by placing your order, the orders are dispatched by after confirmation of payment. Hence we prefer quality to quantity.
Above all we also independently test all batches of our products.

Many have messaged us about it, many are waiting in anticipation, and the moment is finally here, High Dosed LSD is back in stock, 250-300 mcg. To be honest we are waiting on private lab results, but trip trials confirm they are very high dosed :). Cool new design, paid slightly more, same price for our customers!

You now have the chance to obtain 25i n-bome, 4-aco-dmt, a few tabs of DOB and left over XTC pills at very low prices, we have a custom listing, Contact if interested.

2CB stock is running low and we have yet to find an acceptable sample, expect it to be depleted quite fast, if you need any, order asap.



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