Normally we take payment using all major debit/credit cards. But since recently we cannot process payments by card payment because our card processing company is giving us a hard time due to the nature of the products we sell on our website. 

And also to avoid third party services which can be tracked and used against our clients for controlled delivery by Law Enforcement. So the best now will be using another payment method like western union, MoneyGram or bitcoins.

You will get complete details of selected payment method in order confirmation email (Please check your spam / junk folder if you did not receive order confirmation email then contact us.

Our website runs on offshore servers. Also we are using non-traceable shipping methods.
There isn’t that much to tell about, because we we don’t want to give to much information to the public because the cops can read this too.
The only important part is that we are very good in what we are doing and that your order data is safe in the short period of time its on our servers until its deleted.

Yes, our site is 100% real and legit.

It would be illegal for the cops to motivate you to do a crime.
We are using offshore servers so we stay secure.
Payment is discrete
We are shipping stealth, so nobody will ever know that you placed an order.

Of course not.

We can guarantee this because our packages bypass customs in every country with our stealth packaging technique.Our packaging methods cannot b disclosed to the public for security reasons.

It doesn’t matter if you send your personal address or someone else’s, you will get your package.

You start by placing an order with us (by clicking on shop or simply use the search space to look for the product you need.).
To place an order, kindly click the product, the select options/quantities and then add to cart.

To place your order by text or email:

Text/Call: +1 (323) 248-1934
Email: [email protected]

The order process is as follows;​

1. Send us your order details​ (Product name and quantities)
2. Send us your full shipping address ( make no mistakes as we would not be held accountable for missing packages due to wrong shipping address
3. We give you your order total and estimated time of delivery
4. You confirm everything
5. You make payment
6. We package for secure and discrete shipping​

We take payment using Western Union, Moneygram and bitcoins. The delivery time takes about 2-3 days($35 USD) or 24hours($50 USD).

We are professionals in this and we have been doing this for years now with 100% success. We receive a minimum of 50-100 orders everyday from clients worldwide and they always recommend our services to others once they receive their package. So be rest assured of our legitimacy.

Well, of course. How would you like us to prove it?
By the way we don’t offer free samples.

If we all are honest, there is no real way to prove something like that without taking a high risk on our side or spending a lot of money on free samples (which we absolutely wont do).

If you dont want to buy something from us: you dont have to.
please go for them dealers in the darknet you heard so much about in the news. Honestly, if you are taking a look at the news you will see that darknet vendors are constantly busted. Please ask yourself where it is more secure to buy.

Not only it is impossible to prove a public drug business but there also is no need for it from our point of view.
We’re sorry, but we don’t have time to motivate customers to buy our products, we keep focusing on delivering products faster for customers which already know where to buy their drugs from. Once you are ready you can place your order.

The choice which service provider to use always depends on multiple parameters.

We cannot and will not disclose the service provider we use in specific cases for security reasons.

However we are mainly using these service providers: UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS, TNT or any other available and secure delivery service.

We offer worldwide shipping. This means that we will send our products to any place in the world.

Yes, even to your location !!

Of course we only can ship tracked packages & envelopes.

You will receive the tracking id via email or text once it has been shipped.

Yes. We are deleting your information once we have sent your order.

The communication between you and our servers is SSL encrypted .

Our servers are running a so called “ramdisk”. Most computers store data on their hard drive from which you can read the data after shutting down the computer.

But not so in our case.

As a customer you are not required to use a VPN. The communication between you and our server is encrypted so nobody will ever know that you placed an order. Maybe you just googled “cocaine” and accidentally clicked on our website….? Thats really nothing you should care about, there are thousands of internet users which do so every day. Nobody can see what you are doing on our website (because of the encryption), your ISP only “knows” that you have been on our website (which is not illegal at all). Also, there is no situation like “hey, this guy visited a drug website, we’ll tell the cops”, because it simply isnt the ISPs job.

It would require the cops to have a judicial order so the ISPs even just talk with them. And if we go even further, the ISPs cant tell the cops anything except that you have visited our website

You can requests for a refund via the contact form found on the contact page of this site. A customer service representative will respond to most requests within 24 hours. Requests for a refund will be honored on items ordered within 7 days of the request. Refunds exclude shipping and handling fees. We accept refunds only if what you ordered for is not what you received and when the quality of the product received is less than advertised. 

Once the refund has been initiated the refund will take up to 5 business days from the time you receive the receipt indicating the request has been made.

Any additional questions can be submitted via our contact us page or you can contact our live agents via chat on the site. Most questions will get a response within 24 hours. For instant response or any questions;

Kindly Email , Text or Call us.


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